Monday, October 13, 2008

Joyful Noise for Oct. 13, 2008

Toad is feeling quite a bit better these days. That is more than enough to sing a joyful noise about today! He's been off the chemo for a while now. His hair has grown back into a crew cut length and his mustache is thicker than ever.

He still suffers from bouts of naseau, but those are fewer and farther between.

The weather was wonderful so we took a short drive to view the changing leaves and stopped at a flea market along the way. We picked up a highchair for the little bundle so the collection is growing. I forgot my camera and my phone so no pics.

There is a pond at the lodge where the flea market is held. Two beautiful white swans were wading in it. You could tell they meant a lot to each other by the way they stuck so close and entwined their necks as if to give each other a hug. Very cool.

Have you found your joyful noise for today?


Kay said...

Yay for Toad-man!
It's ok about no camera, you painted a lovely mental image.
Joyful noise for me today? Being home, it's raining on the windows, I had mac & cheese for "brunch." and I'm going to go sew in a bit. Life's good. ;o)

SparkieL aka Lisa said...

@ Kay Raining on the windows...I do love that sound! I enjoy going out and sitting on the front porch while it rains too.
We had rice n cheese for lunch here =) love it

Farmee said...

I love your search for joy...we all could take a little side trip down that path sometime. Hey, I have started doing yoga. Just easy pretzel bends for me. It really relaxes me. I was surprised at how unbending my body was/is. We can now call you the "Joy Joy Lady!"

SparkieL aka Lisa said...

@ farmee
the Joy Joy lady hahah sounds like one of the ya ya sisters


Love the idea of yoga too... that might be a good "before bed" thing to try out. Toadman would probably get the giggles watching that though.