Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good Morning Saturday!

Hello Friends!

I love the weekends, don't you? So far I've just about accomplished climbing up Mt. Laundry, scrubbing the abyss commonly known as the bathroom and worked a bit more on the wall hanging.

I've added the borders, but still have to add the extra little accents I want to place under the tree. I had a little floppy hat there, but it looked too much like a deformed beachball. so I decided against it.

The shade of green I chose is actually one that is in the tree leaves, but it's not showing up very well in this photo. It looks much nicer in person.

I'm hoping to get it totally finished this weekend. Wish me luck!

MT. Laundry is another story. The towels that I had to leave on the line received an extra rinsing over night. They'll be air drying a little longer than anticipated, but it's all good.We needed the rain desperately. Hopefully it will make them a bit softer.

My little sister, her family, Toad and I went to the local high school football game last night. Oh the memories it brought back. The old Alma Mater hasn't changed much, but the faces sure have! There was barely a soul I recognized and the place was packed! As we sat there, I could smell the scent of the river wafting towards us. The field is roughly a half mile or so from the shores of the Allegheny. It was rather refreshing in an odd sort of way. Wish I could say our team won.....but, I can't. I think the final score was 28-14.

Well, this new day is beckoning me to get started. I've shopping to do and a livingroom, kitchen and sittingroom to tend to. I'm thinking of making stuffed chicken breasts for dinner today so I need to get out to the garden for some onions and other veggies as well. There isn't much left out there and it will be getting mowed over soon. So, perhaps I ought to glean what's left and get it in the freezer too.

I hope your Saturday is a blessed one filled with goodness, mercy and love.
See you later Friend! And thanks for stopping by!


Farmee said...

You are a busy beaver, dear one. You're motivating me along. Mt. W, mopping and cleaning my kitchen await me. We are such party animals!

SparkieL said...

@farmee...wooo hoooo PARTEEEE giggle. I can remember when those words actually had a whole other meaning! giggle Thanks for the laugh Robin!