Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cancer again?

How many people do you know that have been told they may have or do have cancer? I know of at least 10 right now and someone new is added to the prayer chain each and every day.

Today, it's my sister. It's the dreaded " We need to run more tests, there's something there and we need to find out what it is" They are hinting at the "c" word, but not coming right out and saying it.

You stop and wonder why so many. Where is it coming from? What's causing it? Is it our food? Is it the preservatives? Is it the stuff that's supposed to help us stay healthy? My sister is a health nut. She eats right, gets plenty of exercise, doesn't drink pop and drinks very little coffee. Hmmm.... So, what's the answer?

Death used to be from natural causes ~ whatever that means. Is cancer a natural cause? Is that a phrase they used when they didn't know what cancer was? Has cancer always been around?

It's hard not to be angry that so many have to suffer because of this hideous disease.


Farmee said...

oh man...what's her name? she can go on my list, too. Love to you, missy.

SparkieL said...

UPDATE on my little sister Dawn~

The CT scan came back telling them that the growths on her kidney are not cancer. They are hollow tubes and could have been there since birth.

They are still doing further tests to find out what is causing her symptoms.

Millie said...

Your design is awesome. I personally like the blue border. You are very talented.

Millie said...

I'm so happy to hear about your sister. My friend also found out today her lump was not cancer. What a GREAT day!


SparkieL said...

Yeah, it was! :oD