Monday, September 22, 2008

Gadgets ?? Gizmos and HTML

Well, I've been trying to get a slideshow set up through one of the gadgets on teh sidebar. But, alas, the feed won't connect. So, I figured out that if I add the HTML gadget I can simply put in the code for the slideshow I've created elsewhere and put in here there. Let me know what you think, how easily it is for your to view and if takes forever for my page to load for you.

Thanks for the input!



Kay said...

love the idea, but it did take "forever" to load, mof, I didn't wait for it. I'm impatient that way. So while I loves you and all, I couldn't wait more than 10 secs for photos.

Ok, so I"m selfish and shallow.

I'm sorry.

forgive me?

SparkieL aka Lisa said...

Yeah, I forgives ya.... hahahah