Monday, August 9, 2010

After " The Shack"

Well, we finished it today. If you plan on reading it, then please don't go any further and let the book speak for itself.

If not, this is what I got from it. No, it is not gospel. It doesn't profess to be.Yes there are things in it that will and more than likely does offend some. It didn't offend me.You see, I know my God is bigger than anything anyone can put in writing.The only real story ever written about God is the BIBLE. Everything else is just fiction produced from the musings of man's mind. It's written from a human's stand point that perhaps has dealt with the pain and confusion brought on by some of the events in life that seem so unfair.

For me, it helped me with the struggle I've had with God letting Marty die.
"You could have stopped it from happening, but you didn't. You could have healed him, but you refused." and the extreme anger I felt over that fact. I wonder if the pain from that will ever truly go away completely, but it has lessened a great deal.

I never thought of my anger as judging God.Putting Him on trial and letting that anger boil so much as to almost become a hatred.... almost. I was hurt and didn't understand why something so dreadful still happened when with a simple breath of air, my husband could have been healed. The Shack addresses a father's pain and anger over the death of his child.

God appears to this man as a woman. My take on that.... well, if a man I felt was responsible for letting my child/loved one die knowing full well He could have stopped it from happening, yet chose not to, stood in front of me and admitted it... Honey, I'd have been all over him, pelting him full force with every ounce of anger and hatred boiling up inside me, never once giving him the chance to explain. I wouldn't have stopped until one, the other or both of us were dead. So, in my opinion God came to this person in a way that would ease his pain. GOD knows what we can and cannot handle. I wouldn't care what God looked like, I'd just be honored that He chose to let me see His presence at all.

Jesus is portrayed as a gentle, loving man with a sense of humor. I like him.

The Holy Spirit was portrayed as light, movement and color. I like that much better than thinking of it as a ghost.

The book made me laugh and it also made me cry. It made me think about events and feelings in my own life.My judgemental attitude toward God.

In the end, the main character of the book was in a car accident. Everything he experienced during his time at the shack was a dream. In fact, several times through out the book that very thing is eluded to. I've had my share of crazy dreams, haven't we all. I'd like to think it's possible for God to visit us in our dreams. Hey, after all, nothing is impossible for God if He so chooses to let it be.

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Kay said...

I'm glad it was a blessing to you and helped. God can use anything... even a secular book. *wink* <3 U