Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's been a few days!

Wow, I hadn't realized quite so much time had passed since I last updated everyone.

Since the 17th of October ( my last post), Toadman and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. I lost a total of 2.5 lbs, gained it back and lost it again. And, Toadman spent another week in the hospital.

We went from the doctors telling us that there would be no more chemo... and the intestinal blockage that keeps getting him sick/hospitalized was un operable--- to starting chemo again next week ( unsure of the date and meds yet)-- to the blockage not being severe enough that any other doctor would operate. Hmmm.... bit of a differance there eh?

See, I had a bit of a temper fit with them. Mild compared to some of my outbursts--- but I told them all I wanted a second opinion and I was tired of them giving up on him.This same set of surgeons were the first ones to operate two years ago. We were told that they had done all they could and he would be lucky to live out 2 months.---they gave up on him 2 years ago remember that!!

So, this time around, I said fine, I'd like him referred to the surgeon who did his second surgery. You know him, he's the guy who said only God knows how much time we have on this earth. You gentleman tried to take my husband's hope away 2 years ago .You aren't going to do it again.

Suddenly things changed, tests were ordered, new plans of treatment are devised.... Hmmm...I wonder why? Can you tell I'm still a bit miffed at them???!

Anyway, hubby still isn't feeling too swift. The naseau still persists and his strength isn't where it should be. It's all due to the blockage. Scar tissue has built up at the incision site in his small bowel. It's making life a bit more difficult than it should be for him.He's very tired so, please pray for him.

My stepdaughter Lauren lives in Iowa, and she phoned very upset . Seems she was called and told that her father was on his actual death bed and didn't have much time left. I asked her who on earth told her that--- well, someone said someone said etc etc...and it went from Dad being in the hospital to get the blockage cleared out to never coming home again.-- Many thanks to the in-laws for once again freaking everyone out! Now she knows if it doesn't come from myself or her brother and sister to not believe anything that anyone says to her concerning her father's health.

It's only the second time the in-laws pulled this kind of crap. Last summer, we actually had a Pastor from someone else's church come to the house to make sure hubby was saved and to administer last rights. He was shocked to find out hubby was out hangin' with his bud's and wasn't home. He was even more surprized when we ended up sitting a row away from he and his family at the local race track that very night. He got to meet hubby and said, "You know, for a man on his death bed, you look pretty alive to me!"

You kinda get tired of people and their mouths yakking on when they haven't got a clue..... Why do they do things like that? No wonder hubby hates it when anyone is told he's in the hospital. No wonder I just sort of go into my own little shell and stay away from everyone. We both get so tired of telling people "NO, HE'S NOT DEAD YET! " Tell me please how someone is supposed to stay full of hope when people come up to you all worried and upset because your husband's sister tells the world he's on his death bed?!!

Ok, enough venting about the stupidity of others..... here's some good stuff...

My son's little one may be making her prescence known to the world in a couple more weeks. Her Momma only has 6 weeks to go, but the concensus is that she will be early. They've chosen a name for her. She will be Abigail Eve. Now, I can start planning Abby's quilt.

My daughter is still living with friends and hoping to get her own apartment soon. She's going to be 20 years old this month. Wow, how time flies.

And my stepdaughter Lauren's little guy may be entering this world before Thanksgiving. She hasn't picked out any names, so I can't plan his quilt yet. ---at least that's the way I feel. You suddenly seem to know a little more about them when you know their name.

Babies born at Christmas.... how cool is that?

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