Saturday, November 15, 2008

Interesting events….

Have you ever experienced something that you could not explain?
For example, a canister sweeper system hanging up in the basement suddenly turning on, running for 30 seconds or so and then shutting off --- without the help of a human hand?

Or when you go down the cellar steps, you smell cherry pipe tobacco, and no one in the house smokes a pipe? Yet it brings to mind a loved one who did and they have been gone for 23 years.

Yep… happened to me today.

Hubby and I both heard the sweeper come on. We never ever use it because it’s missing some attachments. It was here when we moved in. None of our pets were in the basement, and it’s actually mounted high enough on the wall that they couldn’t reach it anyway. Son and DIL were still in bed. It was only hubby and I and we were looking right at each other trying to figure out what was going on.

And, just a little bit ago, I went down to the basement to look at the crazy thing…. No, I didn’t have the courage to do it as it happened thank you very much…. The cobwebs are totally undisturbed. So, how did it happen?

What I did notice though was a very strong smell of Black Cherry pipe tobacco. How do I know that is what I was smelling? My Grandfather used to smoke it. I always LOVED that smell and have since always associated it with him. Every now and again my mind recalls that memory , that scent and I think of him.

So, maybe Pap was here today telling me that I really need to get my house cleaned up. I don’t know. It was an interesting event just the same.

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