Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fog in the journey

I woke up this morning to the news that the man I did not vote for will become president. My first thoughts for the day were "Oh Crap, what have they done." Not a great way to start the day.
I got up, ready for work and fed the cats as usual before heading out the door. As I opened the door, I was met with a fuzzy view and thought to myself ,"Man do my glasses need cleaned. I can barely see." Then my brain cleared and I realized it wasn't my glasses, but fog. I could see clearly, but yet I was blinded by what was surrounding me and I had no way of getting around it. I couldn't go back inside and hide while I waited for it to clear as my responsibilities in life wouldn't let me.
The mist was thick and dense and gave me a deep foreboding feeling. It blanketed everything around me. I could hardly see the car parked just a few feet away. Yet, when I looked up it was crystal clear and I could see the stars shining brightly.When you only look at what's around you , your vision narrows to only what you see. But, when you look up to the heavens, you could see forever. It was a very strange feeling.
I thought to myself, "This could be a sign of things to come with two different interpretations. One being fear of the unknown that usually ends up in a scary mess ~ aka Hollywood Horror Films where the fog surrounds you right before the bad guy comes to get you ~ or a blanket surrounding you telling you everything will be ok." The bad part about the second interpretation is that blanket has been pulled over your head so that you can't see what is right in front of you. Again, leaving you with the unknown. When you are little and you pull the covers over your head, you feel kinda safe and protected. Nothing bad can get you if you don't see it coming. You are hidden from it all , safe in your own little cocoon of softness. Too bad it didn't really work that way, then again everyone would spend their life wrapped up in their comfy quilts instead of living as God intended.
It was very erie and down right scary at times driving to work. It left me with the hairs sticking up on the nape of my neck wondering what was going to jump out at me, what the day would bring or perhaps even the next year or so to come.
Even though I went through it all in fear, I went with the faith that I would be taken care of and kept safe. Sometimes I thank God I can't see what is ahead of me. If I could, perhaps I would never go. The destination may be wonderful, but the journey to get there ........... is the road we are on.
Pray the fog clears and we all get there safely!

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Farmee said...

Oh boy, do I understand fog. Then I remember how much God loves my "fogginess" and clears the path. I pray you have clear sailing today, dear one!